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As we know gigayachts are the playthings of the super rich. As we speak $3 billion dollars worth of gigayachts are under construction. The gigayacht market is growing extensively. You will have to wait until 2012 before you could take delivery of a new one. So what is a definition of a gigayacht?
We have plenty of examples of megayachts in xs of 300ft, but when does a megayacht become a gigayacht? The simple answer is a combination of length and value. As megayachts become "everyday" the gigayacht will enter into its own exclusive world where only a selected few can afford to play.

Luxury boat building and yacht charter companies are predominantly based in the United States and Western Europe but are also increasingly found in Australia, Asia and Eastern Europe. European manufacturers such as Ferretti, Azimut, Azimut-Benetti, Feadship and L├╝rssen dominate the very top end of the yacht building market.

As of 2009 yachts above 100 metres (328 feet) are still rare but increasingly more common. They typically have five decks above the water line and two below. The very largest yachts have begun to incorporate such features as helicopter hangars, indoor swimming pools and miniature submarines. The burgeoning number of "small" super yachts has led to the introduction of the hyperbolic terms Mega Yacht and Giga Yacht to demarcate the elite among luxury yachts.

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